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Leading company in the installation of drip irrigation and agricultural irrigation systems.

Irrigation works and installation of drip irrigation systems nationwide. We are constantly committed to new technologies and environmental protection.

Agrisan Riegos is a company specialised in the installation of irrigation systems for crop fields. With extensive experience in the sector, Agrisan Riegos has become a benchmark in the installation of drip irrigation and irrigation systems for olive, almond and pistachio orchards.

The company offers a comprehensive service and takes care of the entire process, from the calculation of the budget to the execution of the project. Agrisan Riegos works with large companies such as OHL and Acciona, as well as individuals and small businesses, and carries out projects nationwide.

The irrigation systems installed by Agrisan Riegos are designed to maximise efficiency and reduce water consumption, which in turn contributes to a more sustainable use of water resources. In addition, the drip irrigation systems installed by the company reduce the need for manual irrigation, which translates into time and labour savings.

Sprinkler of irrigation system at field

Experience in the industry

At Agrisan Riegos, our experience in the sector has allowed us to be leaders in the installation of irrigation systems for crop fields. For more than two decades, we have been working on irrigation projects and the installation of drip irrigation systems for olive, almond and pistachio orchards throughout Spain.

Our constant focus on innovation and the use of the latest technologies allows us to offer high quality and sustainable technical solutions. For example, we are pioneers in the use of solar-powered pumping equipment, which allows our customers to save costs and contribute to the care of the environment. In addition, we offer the possibility of installing underground drip irrigation systems, which maximises efficiency and further reduces water consumption.

At Agrisan Riegos, our goal is to provide an optimal technical solution for each of our customers. To achieve this, we take the time to understand each customer’s specific needs and offer a customised solution that ensures full customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our commitment does not end with the installation of the irrigation system, as we also offer a maintenance service to ensure that the system functions correctly over time.

Integral irrigation service

At Agrisan Riegos we provide a comprehensive irrigation service, taking care of the entire installation process.

projects implemented

See a sample of some of the works carried out by our company, Agrisan Riego.

Our partners and suppliers

We offer

Our services

Field irrigation

Irrigation installed in fields to supply water to crops. We will analyse the situation of the field and the crops to find out which is the most appropriate in each case.


Water ponds are also used as a waterproofing system. In this case we are talking about an artificial hydraulic structure that is placed outside the watercourse and is delimited by a retaining dike.

Installation of boreholes

These are installations that are carried out to obtain groundwater so that it can be used.


The best way to find out who we are is to get to know all the work we do in the company, which we have been doing for more than two decades. We are leaders in the sector and we take care to always offer a good service that meets our customers' expectations.

Spare parts

We have a large stock of various spare parts. So if you have a problem with your parts, you can rest assured that we have the spare part you need.


Agrisan Riegos can also provide you with all kinds of electrical solutions. Do not hesitate to ask us for everything you need.

How it works

Steps in the installation of a comprehensive irrigation service

The installation of an integrated irrigation system requires several steps

Analysis of needs and system design

Essential to ensure that the irrigation system installed is suitable for the specific needs of the crop.

Land preparation

The ground is prepared for the installation of the irrigation system. It is important that the ground is level and clean before installing pipes and other components.

System installation and testing

Once the land has been prepared, the irrigation system is installed. After installation, tests are carried out to ensure that the entire system is working properly.

Adjustments and fine-tuning

Necessary adjustments are made to ensure that the system is functioning optimally.

Our projects

Why choose us

If you are looking for a drip irrigation installation company in the city, you have come to the right place. We are a reference business in this sector thanks to our more than 20 years of experience. We have a team of experts in the installation of drip irrigation systems. We take care of the planning, design and installation of the entire system to ensure that your crop is properly irrigated at all times. In addition, we use the best materials on the market to ensure the durability and efficiency of the irrigation system.

A continuación, te mostramos algunos de nuestros últimos proyectos que muestran por qué debes elegirnos.

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If you have any doubts, problems or queries, don’t wait to contact us. At Agrisan Riegos we are here to help you with all your irrigation installation needs.

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If you are looking to improve the efficiency of irrigation in your crop and obtain better results, do not hesitate to contact Agrisan Riegos.

Our team of professionals will help you design and install the most suitable irrigation system for your needs. Don’t waste any more time and improve the quality of your crops! Contact us today.

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